Cylinder or upright vacuum cleaner ?

Which vacuum cleaner to choice ? Upright or a cylinder one ?

There are many upright vacuum cleaners on the market but please, please DO NOT buy one unless your property is fully carpeted ! They do not reach the corners well, they are heavy, very difficult to clean the stairs(if any) with them.

I strongly recommend the normal canister or cylindric hovers.

Here are just a few of the benefits :

1. Easy to use
2. Lighter
3. Reaches all corners easy.
4 Usually have all types of attachments(for carpets,for hard floors,for cobwebs,for skirting boards,etc)
5. Easy to clean the stairs
6. Comes in different sizes
7. Your cleaner will love you 🙂

Hovers can be quite expensive, so please consider well which one will work best for your property before you spend a fortune on it.

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