Eco cleaning in London

Eco cleaning is the latest state of art in the cleaning industry. This article aims to enlighten the benefits and the importance of the Eco cleaning services.

We all like living or working in clean environment. No matter whether we do the cleaning by ourselves or we hire a cleaning company to do the job for us, one question rises!

At what cost do we have that clean experience ?

£10; £12; £15 ? These are all numbers. I speak about another cost. The cost for your health, your cleaner's health and the unevitable damage caused to the environment.

Millions of tones of toxic cleaning materials are used a year in the UK alone. The minority of which are used in London for domestic and office cleaning a year in the UK alone. The minority of which are used in London.

Have you ever thought about that ? About all these toxic fumes you or your cleaner breaths ? Or about all these millions of tonnes of toxins which go down the drain? And then in to the soil and the food we eat ?

The consequences are catastrophical. But they are not unavoidable.

There is a simple solution. Eco friendly cleaning 🙂

By using only natural cleaning materials you can have your property, fresh and spotless.

There are plenty of options. Here are some:
Baking soda; lemon; vinegar; borax; essential oils;

Just combine them in the right way and you can have a cost effective cleaning solution for all purposes in your property. Look at the future articles for recepies.

Another solution are the well known Eco cleaning products. They do the job efficiently but for a higher cost.

In my opinion the great number of households and businesses who are having their properties provisionally cleaned should ask their service provider for an alternative of the conventional cleaning methods.

Ask for Eco cleaning service.
Help yourself, protect your cleaner and the nature!

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