Eco cleaning in London

Eco cleaning is the latest state of art in the cleaning industry. This article aims to enlighten the benefits and the importance of the Eco cleaning services. We all like living or working in clean environment. No matter whether we do the cleaning by ourselves or we hire a cleaning company to do the job…
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Cylinder or upright vacuum cleaner ?

Which vacuum cleaner to choice ? Upright or a cylinder one ? There are many upright vacuum cleaners on the market but please, please DO NOT buy one unless your property is fully carpeted ! They do not reach the corners well, they are heavy, very difficult to clean the stairs(if any) with them. I…
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How to help your cleaner ?

Being a cleaner in London is a quite tuff job. Usually, the job is done by emigrants, mainly women who have left their families behind, so they can earn better salaries and can send money home. Their life is hard, so how can you help them to feel better while they help you to have…
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