How to help your cleaner ?

Being a cleaner in London is a quite tuff job. Usually, the job is done by emigrants, mainly women who have left their families behind, so they can earn better salaries and can send money home.

Their life is hard, so how can you help them to feel better while they help you to have you home nice and clean ?

A few things to consider:
Behaviour -be nice and kind to them. Respect them.

Pay rates- the minimum living wage for London is £9.40 per hour. Please make sure they are paid at least that amount,no matter whether you use a cleaning company. Make sure the company you use pays to their staff the accurate pay rates.

Cleaning materials- in order to get enough money the cleaners often have to clean up to 3 addresses a day.that means that they are constantly using cleaning materials and them breathe the toxic fumes.
Please use eco-friendly cleaning materials. Better for you,for your cleaner and for the environment.

Cleaning equipment - The equipment you should have. Hover, Mop, Bucket. Often clients do not provide these 3 or they are not in good working condition.
That may make the cleaning a nightmare.
Please make sure you have these if you don't-add them to your shopping list 🙂

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